How to get a biometric holster for your Glock 17 pistol

The US Department of Justice announced that it has ordered gunmakers to make biometric holsters that will be able to authenticate users and provide fingerprint-free access to their firearms.

The move follows a successful test in Australia, where gunmakers successfully installed a fingerprint-recognition device in a handgun.

The DOJ said that biometric fingerprinting can provide a level of security for gun owners and is more secure than face recognition.

“These devices will enable law enforcement to identify suspects in real time and make timely, accurate arrests,” the DOJ said in a statement.

“This is a crucial tool for law enforcement agencies and individuals in the gun industry, which faces increasing pressure from criminal gangs, gangs that target the police and criminals with stolen guns.”

The DOJ has not provided a timeframe for when these devices will be widely available.

The move comes after the FBI warned that it could take more than a year to get these devices into the hands of law enforcement.

Earlier this year, the DOJ issued a report stating that the technology is still years away from becoming widely available, but that it is still important to take advantage of biometrics.

The agency said that it expects to be able for the fingerprint and biometric authentication to be done by the end of the decade.

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