Which fingerprint scanners will be required in California?

The California Department of Justice has approved new biometric identification cards that are designed to identify people based on their fingerprints, making the state one of a handful of states in the country to require the use of these devices.

The new cards will go into effect Oct. 1 and will be valid only for a limited time.

They are required for businesses, transportation, hotels and other places of public accommodation.

The department says they will also be used in prisons.

The cards will be accepted by drivers and passengers, and by those with certain health insurance.

The biometric cards will also replace the current cards used to pay for services.

They will be available for $100 and are also available in paper form for $15.

California is one of the states that are the only states in which fingerprinting has been mandatory for some time.

In 2016, California passed a law requiring businesses and other public places to fingerprint customers and drivers.

The change to fingerprinting prompted some businesses to start requiring it, which prompted the state to go to court.

In March, a judge ruled that the new cards were a good fit for the state’s biometric ID system and that it was permissible to require them in a manner that does not violate a consumer’s privacy.

The department says the new biometrics will not be used by criminals, or anyone who does not have a valid driver’s license or ID card.

The agency says the biometrics will only be used to verify a person’s identity.

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