Al Jazeera: The best biometric doors for your home

Al Jazeera is launching an online app, which it hopes will give people the chance to take control of their biometric security, as they approach the holidays.

The company is launching the app as a Christmas gift to customers who have already had their biometrics stolen by criminals.

The company says the app will allow people to lock their door using a PIN or biometric reader, but it will also allow them to unlock the door using their voice.

The app will also offer a simple way for people to register their preferences.

Users will be able to create a password that will be matched with the door knob and a passcode to access the door.

The device will work by sending a “fingerprint” to the phone that it uses to unlock a door.

This fingerprint will be linked to the fingerprint sensor on the door itself, and will be visible when the door is open.

The fingerprint sensor will then register that fingerprint when the device is switched on.

It will also store a unique fingerprint that can be matched to a person’s account.

When the fingerprint is stored in the app, it can be easily shared with other people in the home and stored in a cloud.

Users can choose from a variety of biometric options.

The company says it has worked with a number of manufacturers and will release a range of biometrically fingerprint-based locks in the coming months.

The firm has also been testing a “smart lock”, which will store biometric data in a lock, so that the user can unlock it by simply tapping the lock.

“Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular with criminals, and are being used to lock people out of their homes, businesses and other public spaces,” Al Jazeera’s director of consumer media, Richard Murphy, said.

“The next step for us is to create an app that will enable customers to choose from different types of biometry that they can wear in their home and office.”

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