Why biometric fingerprints are a better option for secure online banking

Government biometric fingerprinting and secure online accounts are on a collision course as government systems are phased out, leading to new and potentially more expensive alternatives.

Read moreThe UK’s government biometrics and online banking systems will phase out in 2022, replacing them with new systems that have a much simpler and faster biometric authentication system.

“It’s been proven that biometrically backed online accounts make it easier to manage, secure and store information,” said Andrew Brown, a security expert at RSA, a cybersecurity company.

The key to a secure online account is having the correct PIN, and with the current system, this PIN is only generated for each customer at the time of online account opening.

“If the system is not working, there is a risk that a fraudster can guess your PIN,” Brown said.

So far, this has resulted in fraudsters using different people’s identities and passwords to open bank accounts online, and potentially steal millions of dollars in money from customers.

But Brown says the new system could also be a much cheaper option for consumers who are using existing bank cards or mobile phones to open accounts online.

“A bank account can be opened by any of the following: an identity thief, an identity broker, a scammer or a fraud collector,” he said.

“Using an identity card and PIN together, you are a much more secure online user.”

For example, if someone is using the identity card of an identity collector, they can open a bank account with a fraud suspect.

But if the person using the card has no criminal record, then they can’t access the account.

“Brown says using a fingerprint reader on your mobile phone is a better solution than using a traditional PIN.”

With a fingerprint, you can get a fingerprint at a fingerprint booth, which is where your fingerprint will be stored.

With the new technology, you would have to store the fingerprint at your home computer and it would only be able to get the fingerprints if you were at home,” he explained.”

The fingerprint will get the right combination and it is the fingerprint that is the real security.

“The new fingerprint system is a lot simpler and more secure than the current systems.”

One thing that I’m really excited about is the way the system works,” Brown continued.”

Instead of the existing biometric, it is using a chip on the chip.

The chip is very fast, but the security is just as good.

The security of the chip is so good, that if there are a few hundred bad guys out there, the chips could potentially be able block all the bad guys.””

You can see a lot of security from the chip,” he added.

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