Data security, privacy and biometrically fingerprinted passports could be on the rise in Canada

DATA security, the use of biometric data and biometric signature will all become a common theme in Canada’s upcoming elections, according to a new report.

The Canada Elections Project said the number of voters using biometric devices has doubled in the last decade and that there’s growing interest in the idea of using biometrials for voting.

It said the idea is being embraced by some Canadian governments.

The report, which was released Monday, found more than half of all eligible voters who cast ballots in the federal election last November had used a biometric device.

The project also said nearly 80 per cent of Canadians who have already cast their ballot have had their personal information collected in some way.

More than half said they have been asked for their details.

And almost half of those who were asked for biometric information said it was requested by a political party, according the report.

Those figures suggest there’s an increasing appetite for the technology and its benefits.

But some have questioned how secure biometric technology is, with the study finding the majority of the information collected is not encrypted.

There’s also concern that biometrists and others who collect biometric numbers will use them to access people’s personal information.

In the wake of the election, a coalition of civil liberties groups and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association launched a campaign urging government to introduce legislation requiring biometric voting.

The Liberal government has promised to introduce the legislation, but it’s not clear if it will get through the Senate before the fall election.

A spokesman for the Department of National Defence said it is reviewing the report and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the right rules are in place.

“We will make sure the right policies are in the right place,” spokesman Brendan Malone said in an email.

The Conservative government also promised to put forward legislation to increase voter access.

The Conservatives, who have yet to comment on the report, said the federal government has been working to improve the voting process.

A spokesperson for the Liberal government said they are also working on legislation to improve biometric security.

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