How biometric workout software could make the game safer

Sport-entertainment firm Sport-Entertainment has announced it has developed a biometric fitness tracking app that could improve the way people play.

The software, called Biometrics Fit, is designed to be used by sports teams and sports federations, which will have to share their biometric data with one another.

“It will be integrated into the software for players to analyse,” Sport-Entertainment said.

“If a player does not want to use it, he can disable it, or change it.”

Biometrics will be able to record your height, weight, breathing rate, heart rate and more, according to the firm.

“Biometics Fit can provide a unique data set of the player’s biometric information, allowing the team to create an account with a unique and personalised biometric profile,” it added.

The firm is hoping the app will help teams “track, compare and understand” their players’ performances, and “create better and more efficient training programmes”.

“Biometric fitness is essential for players of all ages and all fitness levels,” Sport Entertainment said.

The company has also created a separate app, Biometics Training, which provides biometric workouts for athletes aged between 10 and 70.

This will be used to measure “how many hours per week players train” and the “intensity and duration of training”, according to Sport Enturances website.

It has also partnered with the Australian Sport Training Authority to create the Biometric Training app.

This app is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

Biometri is available for free from the app store.

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