What are your thoughts on the biometric safety checks of e-commerce platform, Paytm?

The biometric verification of purchases at e-wallets, PayTM, has been the subject of a controversy in the wake of the suicide of one of its employees.

The online payment platform said on Monday that it has not banned the use of biometrically scanned documents to verify transactions, but has banned the process of making use of these documents by customers.

The company has also banned use of any documents other than the one required to verify a purchase from its servers, including the credit card, debit card, PayPal account and Paytm mobile number.

Paytm said it was “deeply concerned” by the incident, and that the company will be taking steps to “strengthen the security and privacy” of its customers.

A statement from the company said that the bank has initiated a comprehensive review of the authentication process and will provide its “best estimates” on the number of transactions made using the system, and how many were verified.

“The bank has also initiated a thorough review of security and usability of the biometration authentication process to ensure the integrity of transactions in the context of ecommerce,” the statement added.

In a statement, e-wallet operator Paytm said, “Paytm has never banned the authentication of documents other that the one mandated by the law.”

The company also said that “we have not banned using biometric authentication of purchases, which is in line with our privacy policy.”

Paytm declined to comment on the controversy surrounding the biographical verification of transactions at its payment service, adding that the privacy of our users and data is our priority.

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