Microsoft’s Windows 10 ‘Biosurf’ Biometric Service Gets the Ball rolling with Windows 10 clear biometric face recognition

Microsoft has finally rolled out a Windows 10-based biometric facial identification service to the public, enabling people to scan their faces and verify their identity in seconds.

The company announced the new service in a blog post on Thursday, ahead of the launch of its flagship Windows 10 Anniversary Update later this month.

Windows 10 biometric services will allow people to securely and anonymously scan their own faces in an attempt to unlock access to the Windows 10 Store, Windows 10 Mobile, Cortana and the Xbox Music app, among other things.

Microsoft’s announcement was met with immediate criticism.

One critic said the company was trying to “break the bank” and another called the service a “pink-slip”.

“Microsoft wants you to trust them.

So why would they do this?” tweeted user Andrew McLeod, a developer at the tech website Tech Crunch.”

The Microsoft Biometric face scanning and fingerprint recognition service is already available in a beta form on Windows 10.

What they’re doing with this update is even more disturbing,” tweeted fellow Tech Crunch user Alex Fergusson.

Microsoft said it is rolling out a beta of the Windows biometric faces scanning service to Windows Insiders, who will be able to use it from April 29.

“We are working hard to make this service even better in the coming weeks,” the company wrote.

The company’s announcement comes ahead of Microsoft’s April 29 anniversary, which marks the start of Windows 10’s release.

Microsoft is also set to roll out its own face scanning service, Cortana, which will allow users to unlock a variety of apps and features on their PC and Xbox One.

Microsoft has already launched the feature on Xbox One with Bing and Microsoft Edge, and is expected to introduce the feature to its Windows 10 and Windows 10 Phone apps later this year.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the potential security risks posed by the Windows Biometric service.

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