Five people arrested in Thailand for making biometric rifles

Five people have been arrested in Bangkok for making a biometric gun safe.

Six of them are suspected to have been in possession of a plastic firearm that could be used to take a picture of a person.

Thailand’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said on Thursday that the five suspects are alleged to have used a biometrics-related gun in connection with a domestic dispute.

The NBI identified the five individuals as Manoobai Katchathorn, 37, Yavarai Prabhu, 34, Muthorn Njongpramatpong, 34 and Prakul Prachad, 33.

The suspects, who are from Thailand’s south, are accused of making and selling a “biometric gun”, a “weapon designed to track and identify the person”, according to the NBI.

Thai authorities had said that the “biometrics gun” could be found at two locations in Bangkok, including the central station of Phuket, on the night of November 14, which led to the arrest of a total of five people.

The arrests came after two of the suspects were arrested on November 22 for allegedly trying to sell a “non-lethal weapon”, which would be used for purposes other than the “preventing of crime”.

Thai police said the weapons were made in Bangkok and were imported from China, though they did not specify where they were imported.

The five suspects, along with two women, are being held in custody in a jail in Phukete.

Police have been accused of “disobeying orders” to arrest the five on the grounds that the firearms could be sold without a valid licence.

The NBI did not give a date for when the weapons could be confiscated.

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