What are the pros and cons of biometric cards in Spain?

Here in Spain, biometrics are already being used to make the country’s citizens feel more secure and have made a dent in crime.

Here are five things to know about the biometric technology.


BIDBI: BID-BIID, or biometrically-integrated identification cards, are issued to anyone who has applied for a driver’s license or a passport, and are usually valid for five years.

They are also being used in Spain for things like driving permits, driving tests, and identification for public transit.

A biometric-enabled card is often used in schools, where students are required to have a fingerprint on their person when they enter or leave the building.


BINNEO: A biometrist can help make a person’s fingerprints biometric, allowing them to get an ID card without having to take a test.

That means the fingerprint is automatically scanned by the card, allowing the person to check in with a government agency or shop without having their ID card pulled.

The biometrists also can verify the person’s identity by entering a passcode on the card.


SPAIN: An electronic card, known as a biometric identity card, is the next-best option.

This allows people to obtain identification documents and passports without having a fingerprint.

It also allows people without biometric ID to pay for things, like gas and rent, without having the ID card scanned.


DEBILITARIA: This is a new technology that uses biometric chips to record the location of a person when a biometrical identification card is used to get a driver license or passport.


BIONISEP: This biometric identification system is similar to the one used in Germany and Canada, where a biometer is placed in the palm of the hand, and a digital ID card is scanned using a chip in the person.

The chips are placed on the body, and the person has to put the biometril on his or her finger and swipe the chip against a fingerprint reader.

This technology is similar in some ways to biometric scanners used in the United States and Australia.

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