Which NBA players would you like to see turn themselves into robot?

NBA players will become part of a new biometric technology being developed in Japan that could help the NBA players’ turns into robots.

According to ESPN, the Biometrics Initiative, which will be led by Tokyo-based Shinsei Co., will be using technology from the Japanese company Biomax to turn the players’ faces into a camera sensor that will capture the image.

This technology, called Biometrism, will be used in conjunction with sensors from cameras and smartwatches that are already in the NBA.

“The goal is to have the players turn into a robot in the next year or so, which is a step closer to the goal of artificial intelligence,” said Takuya Nakamura, who leads Shinsei’s Biometrized group.

Nakamura told ESPN that Biometrization, which he calls “biometrics” in Japan, could help make the NBA a better player.

“We want to make players feel comfortable,” he said.

“We’re aiming to make them more confident and we want to create the feeling of a sense of security, of a feeling of being in control of their own actions.”

Nakamoto says Biometrs will also be able to monitor the players, making it possible to track how they play, their injuries, and how they react to the team’s play.

According a report from ESPN, Biometrist Hiroshi Sugimoto is the lead scientist for Biometrika, which developed the technology and will be developed by Shinsei.

He said Biometrus will be “a new generation of the human-machine interface that will enable our players to perform and adapt their actions with the best of them.”

Biometrics, which also comes with a built-in motion sensor, will allow players to control a robot from a distance using a smartphone app or a tablet.

Biometrisms are already being used by other sports teams, such as the NBA, and have been shown to help athletes to perform better on certain tasks.NBA players are not the only ones who will have access to Biometries, however.

The technology could also be used to track other athletes’ activities, such the player’s fitness.

“Biometrizations can track and measure body composition, and it can measure the rate at which muscles are contracted,” said Dr. John Cavanagh, a professor of sports medicine at University College London and the author of The Body and its Mind: How Technology Will Shape the Game.

“There are other applications as well, for example in the monitoring of the performance of people who are doing certain activities, like running.”

Nike’s “SmartCoach” app, for instance, can track the amount of calories a player burns, which could be used by teams to determine when to call on players for extra work.

While Biometrid systems are already available in Japan and other sports, they are currently used primarily by professional sports leagues and universities, like the NBA’s.

According to ESPN’s report, the Japanese government plans to begin using Biometria in the coming year, and will eventually have it in place at all levels of professional basketball, including the NBA and NHL.

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