Samsung’s biometric fingerprint-scanning fingerprint safe is finally here

Samsung announced today that it has just released the world’s first biometric security system for its mobile devices.

The fingerprint safe will allow users to unlock their phones with their fingerprint and a fingerprint sensor, and will also include biometics for biometric authentication, according to Samsung.

The device is not yet available for sale.

“Samsung has always been focused on providing users with the best possible biometric solutions, and now with the world-first biometric secure fingerprint-safe solution we can further improve our mobile device security by ensuring users can always access their devices from a secure location,” said Anh Nguyen, vice president of devices, Samsung Electronics America.

“This biometric solution will be available for customers who want it and it will be a convenient way to use our smart mobile phones to ensure security.”

Samsung’s biometrical fingerprint sensor works by detecting a user’s fingerprint and comparing that to their fingerprint on the device.

The sensor can be turned off and on, or in a special mode, depending on the security settings on the smartphone.

The system is not compatible with Android phones, but Samsung said it plans to update it for future smartphones.

“We are confident that the new biometric safe will offer enhanced security for our users and provide more convenient access to their devices,” Nguyen said.

The fingerprint sensor will be used on Samsung’s Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A6 smartphones, according the company.

Samsung is also launching a biometric scanner called Touch ID for its flagship phones, as well as an NFC-based fingerprint reader for its upcoming Galaxy A7 and A8 smartphones.

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