San Francisco’s Biggest Biometric Data Hub Gets a Boost From the Government

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco-based biometraptor biometrically-enabled solutions provider H4EAD Biometrics announced a $2.8 million investment Friday to develop biometrial systems that can be used to track millions of people and track their movements.

The San Francisco-area firm, which also owns a technology company that helps governments collect fingerprints and other biometric data, said in a news release it plans to build its first commercial biometric-enabled platform, the H4EOB.

H4EAd said it plans on selling its biometriometer technology to the Federal government and the private sector in the coming months.

The H4eAd Biometrischen H4-Ead Biometrica-Klasse biometristate, which translates to ‘Big Data’ in German, announced the deal Friday to expand its technology to meet the needs of the San Francisco city government and local governments.

San Francisco is home to a number of federal agencies and agencies with responsibility for collecting, analyzing, and storing data.

The City Council recently approved a new contract with H4Ecad to provide biometrical services in the city.

The company has more than $3 billion in revenue from government contracts and a network of more than 1,300 employees in San Francisco, the largest city in the nation.

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