Which teams will make the NFL playoffs?

There is a lot of drama brewing in the NFL this season.

One thing that is expected to be on the agenda is the league’s decision to hold the playoffs through the season, with either the league or the NFLPA arguing it is in the best interest of fans.

The players and owners have both voiced their concerns.

There has also been a lot written and spoken about how the league has failed to make any moves this offseason to improve its product, including a deal that has yet to be finalized with the union.

The union is also concerned about the league keeping its players from playing in the preseason, and has requested that the league make the preseason mandatory.

All this has led to a lot more chatter about what could happen in the playoffs.

In this article, we will take a look at each team in the playoff picture, then discuss what the teams can expect.

The San Diego ChargersThe Chargers are currently in the top two teams in the AFC West.

They are tied with the Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals in the division, and have a lot to play for in the last two weeks of the season.

The Chargers have had to play a number of tough opponents this year, including the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Tennessee Titans.

They have also had to face a number, including teams with very strong offenses.

In order to win games this year and make the playoffs, the Chargers will need to win the division and get at least one more win than the Broncos.

The biggest challenge facing the Chargers is finding their best players, especially the players that are coming off the bench.

With a few key additions, including veteran free agent and first-round pick, Austin Ekeler, the team is expected back to the Super Bowl, but the team needs to be able to play better defense.

The offense needs to score a lot and be more consistent, and the defense needs to contain Peyton Manning.

They also need to be better on special teams and at quarterback.

With all of the turnover this offseason, the defense has been the main focus of the discussion.

With that said, the offense has to find a way to get to the quarterback, as well as the offense needs a lot from the defensive side of the ball.

The offensive line needs to improve, as the unit is currently struggling to protect Manning.

The defense has to be more versatile, and needs to find its place in the league.

This team needs a few things to improve.

It is still very young, and a lot will have to happen before it is ready to compete in the postseason.

However, with a couple of key additions and some of the pieces coming back, the AFC has a shot to make a deep playoff run.

If the Chargers can win out and the AFC does make it to the playoffs this year the offense could make a run at the Superbowl.

However they do need to find some help at quarterback and a few other areas of the defense.

Tennessee TitansThe Titans have had a rough start to the season but have been improving.

After a 4-12 season in 2013, the Titans were the last team in NFL history to win at least seven games and be in the thick of the playoff race.

The Titans have also made some big changes, like drafting a quarterback in the first round, drafting second-round draft picks in 2016 and 2017, and trading for former Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota.

This year the Titans are expected to finish with the fourth-best record in the NFC.

They need to improve the offensive line and defense, and also make some major changes in the secondary, which could mean a big change in the defensive scheme.

The team needs more help at wide receiver and tight end.

The quarterback situation is the biggest concern for the Titans, as there is a strong possibility that Marcus Mariot could be traded.

The veteran quarterback could be replaced by a rookie.

If Mariot is traded, then it could be an upgrade for the offense, but Mariot also could be released by the Titans if he does not perform at a high level.

The best position for the team to make the postseason is quarterback.

They will have competition for the starting job.

The front office has also taken a lot on board the quarterback position and will be looking to improve it.

The Tennessee Titans have a number problems that need to work together, and they are going to have to work hard to get the job done.

The Arizona CardinalsThe Cardinals have a chance to make an early playoff push.

The Cardinals are coming into the season in the middle of the pack in the Arizona Cardinals division.

They sit two games out of a wild card spot and are coming up on the heels of the San Diego Padres, who sit one game behind them.

Arizona has had some good seasons this year with quarterback Carson Palmer, but his stats are far from stellar.

Palmer is entering the final year of his contract, and he has yet and has yet

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