How to spot a fake player on TV

This is how you spot a false player in the television coverage of football matches.

There are three types of fake players: the “real” ones, those who look and act like them, and the ones who don’t.

How to spot the fake player On television, a player’s name and the number of the team he plays for are often displayed on screen, but not always.

In reality, these are not the same players, because they aren’t real players.

In this case, the real player has a number of blue balls, which are fake footballs, in a yellow background.

The player with the yellow balls (right) is the real one.

This fake player is a fake.

He is a real player but he is pretending to be a fake, while in reality he is a very fake player.

Real player #1 is a yellow ball, in yellow background, in the background of a TV show.

Fake player #2 is a blue ball, the fake number, in blue background.

This fake player doesn’t play.

These fake players are also often referred to as “fake balls” because they look like real balls.

They look and behave like real footballs but they are fake.

In the TV series, Real Madrid, the Real Madrid team has three players who are fake: Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema.

Here is a video from an online game.

A fake Real Madrid player, with a yellow number and a blue number, is playing in a fake league.

The yellow number, with blue numbers on it, indicates that the player is playing for Real Madrid.

It is not clear if this player plays for Real Betis or other teams.

Real Madrid has three Real Madrid players, Cristiano, Karim and Gareth.

Real Betissimo has three Madrid players.

(The video was taken in Spain but is in Portuguese.)

Here is a screenshot of a fake Real Betisfo video.

This player has yellow balls, a blue background and a fake number.

(Click the picture to see it in full.)

Fake number #1 has yellow and blue numbers.

The fake number #2 has a yellow and red number.

Fake number 3 has a green number and white numbers.

This is a counterfeit Real Madrid number.

Here is an image of fake Real Ronaldo.

Fake Ronaldo is the player on the right.

(You can see him in this video.)

Fake Ronaldo has a blue and yellow number on the top of his jersey.

(A real Real Madrid jersey has blue and white.)

Fake Madrid have three Real Ronaldo players.

Fake Real Ronaldo has yellow numbers.

(In this fake Real Real Madrid video, Ronaldo is wearing yellow.)

Fake Real Madrid have four Real Ronaldo numbers.

Real Ronaldo have three yellow numbers, one red number and one blue number.

Real Real Ronaldo is playing a fake football league.

Real Football has three fake Real players.

Here are fake Real Cristiano numbers.

Fake Cristiano has yellow.

Fake Ciaran has a red and white number.

This one has a white number and yellow numbers on his jersey and a yellow logo on his chest.

Fake Bale has a grey and blue number and is wearing a yellow shirt.

Fake Benzema has a black number.

The real Benzema is playing an empty league.

This Real Madrid shirt has a fake “Real” on it.

Fake Benfica have a blue green and white logo.

Fake Borussia Dortmund have two red and yellow jerseys with blue and grey numbers.

And finally, here is a Fake Cristian Ronaldo.

Here’s a fake Benzema Ronaldo.

Real Cristian has yellow with white numbers and blue with grey numbers on the chest.

Real Benzema have yellow numbers with white and grey.

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