When the FBI’s Biometric Turnstile Goes Viral: The First Facebook Privacy Lawsuit

On the heels of the FBI claiming to have caught a breach of its biometric system, Facebook today announced a lawsuit claiming that the company violated the Privacy Act by allowing the government to use its database of biometric identifiers to track and record its users.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Facebook argued that the use of biometrically identifiable information in the FBI database violates the privacy rights of Facebook users.

“Facebook has never been an advocate of biometry use,” the company said in the statement.

“However, when the FBI is using biometrical identifiers to obtain data on users, it’s a matter of concern.

And it raises questions about how these identifiers will be used in the future.”

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, was the second lawsuit to be filed against Facebook in the wake of the government’s attempt to use the biometric identifier in the past month.

In September, the U,S.

Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected Facebook’s claim that it had violated the Fourth Amendment by allowing law enforcement to use biometric information in its database.

According to Facebook, the FBI could only use biometrist identifiers in the database if they were obtained “under the authority of a search warrant.”

The company also said it would work with the U.,S.

Attorney’s Office to “provide any assistance needed to ensure that law enforcement’s use of this information is lawful.”

As a result of the latest lawsuit, Facebook has now entered into a consent decree with the government that will allow it to “limit its access to the FBI databases, subject to specific conditions.”

The FBI said that it was “deeply disappointed” by the new court ruling and “will vigorously contest it,” according to the statement posted by Facebook.

“We expect to continue to work closely with our federal and state law enforcement partners and will continue to comply with our legal obligations.”

The government’s lawsuit came after Facebook began collecting data from biometric users in January.

Facebook said at the time that it began collecting user information in order to improve its “customer-focused communications” and prevent the government from “using our users’ biometric data to target ads or conduct other unlawful targeting activities.”

The federal government, however, has not yet revealed the details of how it is using the data, and the company did not respond to a request for comment.

Facebook has been fighting the government since 2015, when a judge in New York ruled that the government could use biographic identifiers to monitor users who were using the company’s services.

Facebook’s use is particularly controversial in light of the recent release of documents that detail how the FBI used biometric identification to monitor and track the communications of thousands of users of the social network.

Facebook in September released a report detailing the government program to use user biometrists to track people and track their activities.

The report also showed how the government was using the database to track the Facebook user logs.

According of the report, the government is now collecting biometric identifying information from over 1.8 million Facebook users, which the FBI uses to determine who the users are and where they live.

Facebook argues that it has a legitimate need to know who users are using the platform, and that the data is only collected to improve Facebook’s ability to improve customer service.

The government, on the other hand, says that Facebook is using its data for criminal investigations.

In response, Facebook said that its use of its databases is “not a legitimate purpose.”

“We have a policy in place that limits the data that we share with law enforcement and government entities that we believe will not be used for criminal purposes,” Facebook said in a statement.

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