How to protect your biometric data against cyber attack

Biometric data is being stolen and compromised by hackers.

It can also be used to compromise other online accounts.

Here are six steps you can take to keep your biometrics secure.


Choose a trusted third-party to handle the transaction.

For many companies, this is the secure storage provider that can store your identity in a database or encrypted cloud.

They are usually your bank or financial institution, and they typically will keep your data secure and up to date.


Check with your bank about what they do with your biometer data.

It may be transferred to third-parties, including third- parties such as Facebook or Instagram, or stored on their servers.

You can check with your institution about what third- party service they use to store your data.

You should also consider whether third-Party Services can store and process your biometry data securely.


Contact your bank and/or the financial institution to verify that the data is safe.

If it is, your bank may require you to provide additional information to verify the data and identify the third- Party Service or service provider.


Review the third party’s privacy policy and terms and conditions to determine if it complies with your request.

If you do not feel comfortable providing additional information, contact the third Party Service that your biometers belong to. 5.

Request that the third parties that are the recipients of your biophys data (such as Facebook and Instagram) remove it from the system and notify you in advance of any changes to the system.

If the third Parties do not remove the data, the information may be stored in their databases or cloud, and may also be accessible on the thirdparty’s servers.


Make sure your biogram data is protected with strong passwords.

It is best to use strong passwords for your biomail accounts and other sensitive accounts.

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