How to order biometric appointments in Canada

The biometric booking system is set to make a return to the national stage in Canada on April 8, 2019, according to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Key points:Billing through the government-run system will be available for both the province and territoryThis will allow people to pay a fee to order the appointment directly through the Health Canada websiteThe fee is set at $10 per appointment, with a maximum of $5 per appointment for a single appointmentThe province and the territory will be able to access biometric information for appointments through the same system as the federal systemIt will be the first time this system will use biometric identifiers.

The biometric system was first introduced in the US in 2008 and was initially rolled out in Canada.

However, it was phased out by the government in 2013 following an outcry from privacy groups, with most states now having their own systems.

In 2018, the federal government announced it was moving away from using biometric identifier data to ensure greater security and privacy.


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