Biometric clocks will be used in all Australian public transport by 2021

The Australian Government is to launch a biometric timekeeping service in 2021.

The Government has revealed the technology, known as a “Smart Biometric Clock”, to be part of the National Biometric System and is looking to the private sector to deliver it.

It is being introduced to all public transport in 2021 to be used by people aged 21 and over.

But in a bid to reduce travel time, and the cost of providing services, the Government has said the technology will be offered by public transport operators and is not a mandatory feature.

Read moreThe Government says the Smart Biometric Clocks will be a “first step” in reducing travel time by more than 30 minutes for people who want to use public transport.

“By 2020, the SmartBiometric Clock will be on every public transport vehicle and bus, and it will be accessible by all, including people with disabilities,” the Government said.

The rollout of the system is being led by the Australian Capital Territory Government.

“The SmartBiometrics will be delivered to more than 150 public transport agencies and will provide information on people’s journey time to the place of employment, school, home, and community,” it said.

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