How to use your biometric to pay

The process of using your biometrics to pay for online services, including in-store and online purchases, has changed significantly since the introduction of mobile payment.

Read moreRead more”Our payment system has changed dramatically in the past few years.

There are no fixed-payment solutions for online purchases.

We are still working with retailers to implement fixed-payments solutions for our customers.

The main thing that is different for us now is that we offer mobile payments for mobile users,” says Sarah McBride, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience at, the parent company of “We are seeing that mobile payment is a more efficient and convenient way to pay and use our services, so we are now looking to introduce mobile payments to our customers.”

While the payment system remains a major focus for the company, has also rolled out a new payment app called, which is an extension of Pay on Demand, a subscription-based app that allows customers to pay with mobile devices.

“The new Pay.ios app is based on the platform and offers the same features as the Pay mobile app, but allows Pay customers to add additional payment options,” McBride says. is another payment provider, with and

Both companies have launched mobile payments apps, but they have not launched a payment service for its customers. launched in January this year and has since expanded its offerings to more than 120 countries.

“With the launch of Pay, we want to help our customers continue to access their money in a safer, more convenient and more secure way,” McBee says.

“ is a payment app for all Australians and we have been working hard to create an innovative and easy-to-use payment system that provides Australians with the ability to pay online with their mobile devices.”

For those customers, the future of online payments looks bright.

“When is launched in September we will offer customers the ability purchase online using with their credit or debit cards at and Pay, in the same way as we offer the ability for customers to purchase and Payee to pay on demand through our mobile app,” McQueen says.

“We have the largest mobile payment network in the world and we want our customers to continue to enjoy it by making it easy to pay using their mobile phones and our apps,” she adds.

“ provides an alternative to mobile payment and we are confident that we can deliver on this promise.” is available on iOS and Android devices.

To access Pay.bit, go to your mobile wallet app and tap the “Pay with Pay” option.

To get started, you’ll need to install the Pay app on your mobile device.

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