How to Find Your New Tech Job

By 2020, about two-thirds of new hires for a company that’s already established its technology will need a new biometric technology to access the company’s systems, according to a new study.

The report, released Thursday by McKinsey & Co., also says the majority of those jobs will require technology to identify the identity of an employee.

McKinsey’s report found that over half of the jobs that will require biometric ID will be in the tech industry, and that there are more than 100,000 jobs that require biometrical identity at companies in every major technology sector.

The survey also says that nearly half of new jobs in the IT sector are expected to require a biometric identifier, and more than 60 percent of those will require it to access social media and mobile applications.

For companies that already have established their technology, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and Apple, there will be an increasing demand for biometric IDs as the number of job postings and hires grow, the report says.

But the researchers say the majority (58 percent) of jobs that need biometric identification won’t be tech-related.

That includes healthcare, retail, and manufacturing jobs that are largely untapped.

McKenzie said the report doesn’t provide any specific guidance on when companies will need to transition to a biometrically-based system.

But the study says that companies need to start looking for new technology before they will need biometric identification.

The company recommends companies hire biometric tech specialists as soon as they can, and says that by 2020, they should be able to identify more than a quarter of all new hires using biometriometric technology.

McLean says that this will help businesses better manage the transition to an automated, biometrinically-enabled system and also helps employers stay competitive.

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