How to get a tattoo with a biometric tattoo

A new way to get your tattoos done could be coming to market within the next few years.

In the UK, the NHS is currently in the process of expanding its biometric tattoos programme, which allows for patients to get tattoos without needing to fill out an application.

A pilot project will be running in the country’s primary care trusts in the coming months. 

In the pilot, all primary care patients will have their biometric details scanned at a nearby computer.

The NHS says it will allow the process to be extended to other areas of care, including hospitals, schools and other organisations that have not yet implemented the system. 

This is the latest move by the NHS to expand the use of biometric technology, which could potentially save hundreds of millions of pounds over the next two decades. 

“It’s an exciting time for healthcare and for the NHS, as we continue to move towards biometric identification as an integral part of the NHS’s healthcare delivery,” NHS Digital Chief Information Officer, John Bunn, said in a statement.

“We have already seen how rapidly this technology is coming online and how rapidly it is helping improve the delivery of healthcare. 

We believe the NHS can play a key role in the delivery and uptake of this technology by introducing a biometrics pilot programme in primary care, with a view to developing a fully integrated biometric system within NHS primary care by 2020.” 

The new biometric project will look at whether a tattoo is a good fit for someone with a genetic profile. 

According to the NHS and biometics specialists, the tattoos could be used to provide “a more accurate profile” to a patient and provide a “signature” to identify a person’s health status. 

Tattoos could also be used by the tattooist to track a patient’s health history, including when they have undergone surgery, and their blood pressure, temperature and other vital signs.

The NHS is looking at the use as a way of providing healthcare for people who can’t get the standard tattoo application. 

The pilot will be in place for at least two years, with potential to extend to another two years.

The new system will be open to all NHS trusts. 

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