How to recognise an eye-tracking device

A new technology that allows people to identify faces by using their eyes has been unveiled at the UK’s BiometricoZkteCo conference.

The technology, called Eye-Track, has been developed by biometrist and computer science professor James Taylor at the University of Warwick.

It is based on the idea of the human eye, and uses the shape of the pupil to track an individual’s gaze.

Mr Taylor said it could be used to identify people who are not wearing an eye tracker.

“The idea is to use the pupil shape of your eyes to track your gaze,” he said.

“We are developing a system that allows us to tell whether you are in a relaxed state, looking at a face or not.”

That is the whole point.

“Eye-tracking technology could be applied to a range of different areas of life, from identifying criminals, to recognising people who have died, Mr Taylor said.

He said that it could also be used for things like identifying a dead person’s family members or even to identify a suspect in a crime scene.”

It is a very general technique,” Mr Taylor explained.”

If you can detect someone’s eye shape, you can see them very quickly.”‘

We are very excited’Mr Taylor’s team has already tested the technology on volunteers in a trial at Warwick’s King’s College Hospital, where it is being tested to detect people who had already died or had been declared dead by coronavirus surveillance systems.”

There is an enormous amount of data we have collected over the past two years that will be used in this study,” he added.

The researchers said they had been able to get the technology to work in three different environments, including in a room where a computerised heart monitor was installed.

They also tested the system in a field with the same monitor.

The Eye-Tracking System uses a device called a “bio-foveal” system, which detects the shape and shape of pupils of the eye.

Biometrist Professor Taylor said: “Biometrics is about the data that the eye is collecting.””

It’s very hard to track with a human eye but it can be done.

“In a way, the eye and the retina work very similarly to a computer system.”

The researchers also developed a software package that could detect the shape, but not the pupil size, of the individual’s eyes.

It could then be used with software to recognise the face of the person being tracked, and then use the data to recognise them as being in a “stable state” as opposed to someone who has died.

The company behind the Eye-Tracker System is called Eye Tracking UK, and is based in Coventry, the UK capital.

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